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About DZ Law

A small and mighty firm that's dedicated to our clients
Who we are
We are a team of legal experts with years of experience.

At DZ Law, we take a different approach to that of many other firms. You won’t find old tombs of law, mahogany shelves, or lawyerly stuffiness in our offices. At DZ Law, we strive to utilize all available tools to provide efficient and exceptional representation to our clients.

We embrace technology, making client representation and interaction more meaningful and effective. These technologies ensure we are informed, organized, and performing better than our peers. DZ Law uses technologies that allow for better communication and improved client insight into the status of their case such as client portals, rapid access to attorneys and staff, and milestone notifications. Clients always know where their case stands and how money spent throughout our representation.

This approach allows us to focus on the client rather than the processes that typically take time and energy. We are here to listen.

Our team
Learn more about our team

Our years of experience and knowledge give our team the tools needed to successfully assess, address, and execute the right next steps for your legal needs.

  • Bob Dziewulski

    Mr. Dziewulski specializes in matters involving small businesses, closely-held corporations, start-ups, contract disputes, and construction law.

  • Ashleigh Beer

    Ms. Beer specializes in debt relief, consumer bankruptcy, and estate planning

Practice Principles

At DZ Law, we’re guided by five basic principles. It’s what you can expect from us when we represent you.

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