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Business Representation

Proactive Business Representation
Too often, business contact lawyers only after conflicts arise.

DZ Law works with business clients to identify areas where conflicts commonly surface, so businesses avoid the often exorbitant costs incurred by conflict resolution and litigation. This guidance takes many forms.

Sometimes it is in the form of drafting agreements with employees or owners. At others, it is the review or drafting of commercial lease agreements. Our DZ lawyers specialize in service-related agreements for providers and clients.

Because DZ Law represents businesses across several markets, our attorneys also advise clients regarding funding, growing, or starting businesses.

What would you like to know?We answer some commonly asked questions of DZ Law

  • From incorporation to acquisition, DZ Law likes to take a partner-like approach, proactively notifying clients of changes in the law that may affect a client-business or its existing agreements, connecting client-business with resources such as banking, marketing, insurance, and accounting, serving as a sounding board when owners face significant decisions, and, of course, initiating and defending lawsuits on behalf of clients.

    Our lawyers stay informed regarding rules and regulations related to service and product-related businesses; including, changes to the tax code and changes to laws that are industry-specific. Because DZ Law takes a partner-like approach when providing legal guidance to its business-clients, DZ Law attorneys know the service providers its business-clients use and can match the best service provider to the needs of the businesses Dz Law represents.

  • Our lawyers litigate contracts. This means DZ Law attorneys scrutinize contracts for weaknesses. Our attorneys know why agreements fail and how business agreements stand up to challenges from adverse parties. Drafting a quality contract starts with understanding where and how liability, breach, and confusion is likely.

    Boilerplate contracts often yield less than satisfactory results for businesses attempting to enforce poorly written terms or agreements that fail to consider law that applies to specific markets or industries.

    Business owners are faced with a breadth of options when creating the contracts their businesses will rely on. Online contract services, in a small number of situations, can be the right choice. Paying $5,000 to draft a contract for inexpensive services may not make sense and may impact the business’ cash flow.

    On the other hand, a business entering into an agreement with hundreds of thousands or millions should consider the complexity of the agreement, likelihood of conflict, and costs of litigating a breach. Our attorneys make every effort to help clients make the right decision for their business.

  • We hear business owners explain they didn’t have an attorney review contracts entered into with other companies because “it is just the agreement the other company uses”. Our attorneys understand that our clients want to enter into agreements without review for ease.

    The businesses then enlist the support of our lawyers to review agreements, more often than not, end up with an agreement that is far more favorable to the client-business without push back from the other party.

    While the people your business works with usually have the best intentions, their company’s attorneys likely drafted their go-to agreements to favor their client to your detriment. DZ Law attorneys have reviewed terms allowing companies to enter into agreements creating financial liabilities, without notice, for our client-business. Our lawyers reviewed service agreements authorizing the nonclient business to use any produced by the client-business.

    Sometimes, the terms of a contract are not enforceable, but those contract terms should still be addressed. Our attorneys often hear clients explain the merits of their case and even why the law is on the side of the business. While facts and law may be on the side of the business, litigation is likely expensive.

    It is cheaper for a business to enter into a contract reviewed prior to executing it while assuring it is an equitable and enforceable agreement than to litigate the terms of the agreement after the parties are in conflict.

Business Representation Services
Be proactive about your business' legal needs

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    Business Formation

    We help you secure a solid business structure to ensure the best chance of success.

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    Business Contracts

    We help you stay informed about all contract needs so that you can be confident about your business decisions.

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    Regulatory Compliance

    You don't want to be surprised. We help you stay ahead of all compliance needs.

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