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Knoxville, TN Construction Attorney – Litigation Explained
January 15, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Our construction attorneys in Knoxville, TN can help win your case.

Construction projects are complex. Between the multitude of parties involved, deadlines to meet, the logistics of the entire process, and uncontrollable factors such as extreme weather, it's no wonder why many projects have issues. While the projects themselves are complex, the experience of going through a construction contract lawsuit is often just as overwhelming. If you find yourself dealing with one and are unsure how to prepare for the upcoming litigation, our experienced construction attorneys in Knoxville, TN, want to help.

Common Reasons for Construction Litigation

Breach of contract.

Before construction begins, all parties involved create a legal contract with terms and conditions they agree to, including the quality of the job and the timeline for its completion. If the building is not up to standard and poses a threat to anyone who enters, that is often grounds for the property owner to file a lawsuit. Similarly, if the project drags on months after the agreed-upon completion date, litigation could be an option to resolve the issue.

Failure to pay.

General contractors often hire subcontractors to handle specific tasks within the larger construction process. If the GA doesn't pay the sub upon completion of their work, he or she can take legal actions to receive their money. Before moving straight to litigation, though, a more effective option might be to file a mechanic's lien. This legal document becomes attached to the property's deed or title and prevents the property from being sold until payments are made.

Injuries on the job site.

Due to the nature of the work, accidents are a common concern at construction sites, and when they happen, they could lead to lawsuits. Not every injury exposes the company to litigation, though. If it was caused by a worker's negligence or failure to follow the safety guidelines set out for the project, the fault lies with them. If there isn't proper safety training or the site is unsafe, the injured party has the option to file a lawsuit.

What to Do If Your Construction Lawsuit Goes to Litigation

Hire an experienced Knoxville, TN construction attorney.

If your lawsuit is headed into litigation, the best thing you can do is hire a professional construction attorney in Knoxville, TN. Our experts specialize in construction and zoning cases, so we have the expert insights needed to navigate all of the complexities involved with it. By working with us, you give yourself the best chance of winning the desired outcome.

Provide as much evidence as possible.

The more evidence you can give your legal team, the better your chances are of getting an optimal result. Essential pieces that can help your cause are the original contract both parties signed, any documented interactions such as text messages or emails, and photographic proof of the issue at hand if possible. With this information in hand, we can review the details and outline the best strategy moving forward.

Understand your options.

Just because a lawsuit is filed, it doesn't mean litigation is necessary. After reviewing the case, our team of legal experts might manage to settle out of court or issue a counteroffer to resolve the issue promptly. If litigation is the best course of action, though, we'll be there to represent you clearly and confidently throughout the trial.

Do You Have a Construction Lawsuit Going to Litigation?

Then contact the experienced team of legal experts at DZ Law. As some of Knoxville, TN's premier construction attorneys, we have the experience needed to navigate your case's complexities and find the ideal strategy to get you the result you're after. We also take a proactive approach to our client management experience, and we'll remain in constant communication, so you know exactly where your case stands. Visit us online to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation.