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Where did DZ Law come from?
by Bob Dziewulski
Where did DZ Law come from?

After graduating from St. Andrew's Presbyterian College with a degree in Philosophy and receiving a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Appalachian State University, I considered pursuing a law degree, but I didn't feel I should add to my student loan balance or delay putting my education into action. After years of work in local government, bringing software startups to market, consulting with small businesses throughout the the country, and investing in real estate, I decided it was time to go to law school. At the time I made the decision, I was engaged in real estate investment and was an owner of a company involved in a variety of construction related services.

Through my experiences as a business owner, consultant, and entrepreneur I had first hand knowledge of legal concerns arising from incorporation, raising money, forced buy outs, shareholder disputes, commercial leases, etc. Knowing I was staying in Knoxville, and believing I would attend part-time, the only school I applied to was LMU Law. Fortunately, LMU Law offered me a scholarship so I made a last second decision to attend full-time. Both the decision to attend LMU Law and the decision to go full-time were two of the best decisions in my life.

While in school I clerked in firms engaged in high volume civil practice and criminal law. I, increasingly, worked for attorney Mark Foster on appeals and employment issues. I started working as a licensed attorney in association with David Stuart in Clinton, Tennessee.

Eventually, I found that my clients and cases were based in Knox County. I moved my office closer to home and started working out of Knox County. With a new office in Knoxville and changes in my practice, my former practice name, "Clinch River Law," no longer made sense.

My last name is Dziewulski. For those of you with difficult last names or simple, but easily confused last names, you know what a distraction your last name can be. Additionally, this is my practice, an evolution of Clinch River Law, but Dziewulski (phonetically Jevulski) is a mouthful... so DZ Law.

The change is more than just a change of label. This change welcomes a new attorney to the practice, Ashleigh Beer.

DZ Law focuses on debt relief and bankruptcy, estate planning, litigation (with a focus on construction and landuse), and business needs (drafting, partnership disputes, financing).

Our goal is to work with our clients building a relationship based on mutual trust. Many of my clients have worked with me for years through a variety of issues. For business clients, for example, we reach out when we know of a change in the law that may affect them or when there are programs from which they may benefit.

We embrace efficiency and technology.