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Why you need a DZ Law wills attorney in Knoxville, TN
February 3, 2021 at 11:00 PM
A will attorney in Knoxville, TN, will protect your family and your legacy.

If you’re wondering if you need a wills attorney in Knoxville, TN to handle your estate and ensure everyone’s taken care of, the answer is simple: of course. Having a professionally written will with legitimate legal counsel is an absolute imperative. Qualified lawyers assign assets, create expectations upon death, and advise you on the best ways to protect your family and preserve and distribute your assets exactly how you want.

And, while professional legal counsel may cost more than quick solutions like LegalZoom, it’s worth it. Because these DIY wills often cause more problems than they solve. And, at DZ Law, we’ve been providing premier will and estate counsel in Knoxville, TN for years. We know how important these things are. We guarantee to leave no loose ends and no stones left unturned.

Here’s why you need a qualified wills lawyer and not a “quick fix.”

DZ Law offers personalization

With a wills attorney in Knoxville, TN at DZ Law, you get the opportunity to personalize and customize your will. It’s essential to draft a comprehensive and sound will because every family has unique issues and circumstances that generic forms simply can’t anticipate or cover.

We assure you that we will account for every necessary contingency to ensure your family will be taken care of no matter what. For example, if you pass away early, and your children are entrusted to your sister, what happens if tragedy befalls her and she passes away early, too? Who would you want to be responsible for your children then?

These are all situations we’ll ensure are considered and accounted for. And, conversely, we can even apply appropriate limits on things you think require them.

Because it’s such a quick process, and because it asks for only the most rudimentary information, LegalZoom doesn’t offer the personalization you need to draft a comprehensive and sound will. A good wills attorney in Knoxville, TN at DZ Law will do just that.

Simply put: your will should be like your life. It should be individual and unique, and LegalZoom doesn’t offer that at all.

DZ Law is a law firm with qualified attorneys

Most importantly, however, DZ Law is an actual law firm. This means we have professionals available with the knowledge necessary to adequately review and answer all your questions and requirements. A qualified wills attorney in Knoxville, TN can provide legitimate legal advice and expertly apply the law to your unique circumstances. You have to fully comprehend the law to do this, and that takes years of school and practice, which is exactly what we’ve accrued.

DIY will services, like LegalZoom, simply aren’t qualified like a wills lawyer is. They even admit 80 percent of people who fill in blank forms to create legal documents do so incorrectly. And, should this occur, they simply don’t have the qualified personnel to review your answers and ensure they’re legally sound.

In short, you need premier and seasoned counsel to do things correctly and ensure everything is arranged how you want and need it to be. Because, scariest of all, while you may feel like everything is figured out after completing a DIY will, you won’t know there are problems until it’s too late. If your will has serious legal mistakes, these won’t manifest until after you die.

Schedule a meeting now!

Hiring a qualified wills attorney in Knoxville, TN is like employing a guardian angel. They’ll ensure your family and estate are safe and preserved when you’re not there to do so. At DZ Law, we simply do things LegalZoom can’t.

So schedule a meeting now to preserve your legacy!