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Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

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Estate and End of Life planning can be tricky. Our attorneys know how to navigate the challenges and take advantage of opportunities when carrying out your estate planning, establishing trusts, and drafting wills. Although wills are the most well-known method for assigning assets and creating expectations upon death, you can often take steps to distribute assets outside the estate created by your will.

Some common methods include drafting trusts, updating by-laws or operating agreements, updating deeds, or creating contingent beneficiaries on accounts. After understanding your estate, our attorneys can help you create the best process and structure to secure your estate today and distribute your assets later. Trusts are great, but not always the answer. Sometimes it makes sense to place your assets in a single trust or various trusts, but there are situations where the tax consequences of placing an asset in a trust outweigh the benefit.

You and your beneficiaries may be better served by placing certain revenue-generating assets in LLCs or partnerships. If you own a business or several businesses, you may choose to amend corporate documents and obtain additional insurance policies to provide for your beneficiaries while minimizing tax-exposure. Sometimes, merely altering a land deed is a solution that will transfer your interest without using a will or trust.

Our lawyers will work with you to create a plan for assuring your beneficiaries receive the assets you intend them to receive with minimal effort, strife, or conflict while reducing tax exposure. Online wills are not usually the answer. We certainly cannot say that all online will services are inadequate. We can say that without understanding your estate and the services you use, there is no telling what kind of mess may be created by choosing the inexpensive, fast, and easy way.

Our attorneys see situations where an online will is adequate, and probate is a breeze. Too often, though, our attorneys see cases where a will created through an online provider is challenged and issues abound. Many services may include state-specific terminology but fail to adequately explain state-specific formalities. Online will services don’t properly explain how intended outcomes might change or how certain life events impact the will.

Our estate lawyers partner with you to talk you through what each term means and why we included each term. DZ Law lawyers will explain how changes in assets affect the will or how life events may change the will. Our attorneys understand your estate, so we can answer specific questions as they arise. Living wills and healthcare directives make sure everyone is on the same page. Though generally less complex than drafting wills and trusts, living wills and healthcare directives help your family understand your wishes in the event you are unable to direct health-related decisions. Not only do these documents assure you receive the care you desire, but these directives significantly relieve the burden on your loved ones during stressful times.

Attorneys at DZ Law partner with you to properly document your wishes and to assure your family and medical providers carry out those wishes. Our goal is to engage in a continuous relationship with our clients.

Wills & Estate Planning Services
Ensure your loved ones are taken care of no matter what

DZ Law will make sure your will, trusts, or estate plan is created to your specifications and needs.

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    Will & Trust drafting

    After reviewing all of your assets and property, we'll draft your will, trust, or estate plan to your exact specifications.

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    Notary and witness services

    Save time and energy by letting us handle the paperwork. We'll have a notary and witnesses available to make the signing process easy.

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    Beneficiary and Power of Attorney

    We'll designate and contact your beneficiary or power of attorney when it comes time to execute the plans set in place in your will, trust, or estate plan.

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