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Identifying Ambition

Identifying Ambition

Dz Law Attorneys love working with high-reaching business owners. We've worked with many of our clients through years of growth and changing legal needs.

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Entity formation

How we help:

  • Identifying the proper structure to prepare for where your company is headed
  • After understanding your company's assets and cashflow, we work with your financial advisors to create a structure that maximizes opportunity while minimizing liability
  • Anticipatory corporate governance- because we litigate when things go wrong we pay particular attention to the details of your governing documents and corporate structure

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Agreements throughout your operation

How we help:

  • From employment agreements to service agreements, we create certainty and shared expectations between parties while providing protection to our clients
  • We assure our clients stay compliant by analyzing corporate structure and related agreements against regulatory and statutory requirements
  • In the event conflict arises, we are here supporting our clients

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Transactional support

How we help:

  • Whether entering into a commercial lease or exploring a merger, we provide both support and insight into how transactions can be structured to meet the needs of all parties while protecting our clients
  • We delve into the intricate mechanics of each deal, generating innovative structuring strategies that encompass the unique circumstances and objectives of everyone involved

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W2 Employee Agreements


  • Provide security and protection for both your business and employees
  • Protect your business reputation and proprietary information
  • Ensure you and your employees have shared expectations

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Service Level Agreement


  • Define metrics, responsibilities, and obligations for IT services
  • Reduce the possibility of conflict
  • Provide for predictability if conflict arises
  • Allow service providers to address common customer concerns

Don't Take Our Word For It…

“I started a business because I love what I do. I hired Bob + Ashleigh because I wanted to keep doing what I loved sustainably. I am now able to focus on serving our companies to the best of our ability because I know ours is being cared for by DZ Law.”

— Local Business Owner

“Amazing service, timely returned calls and emails, and always good about keeping me informed on my situation. I would work with them every time. They go above and beyond for their clients.”

— Christina M.

Intentionally investing in legal resources now is the responsible thing to do as a business owner.

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